picture image of Craig Savino on the beachHello and thank you for coming to this page to find out more about myself, Craig Savino, Your Master PT. I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and have been a successful PT for over 5 years now. I am 52 years old, originally from Miami, Florida in the USA.

Having been here since 1995 in the immediate London Area, I consider this my home and have been very impressed by my British cousins in wanting to live a strong, healthy and long happy life. I am based at the NEW FITNESS EXCHANGE gym in Beckenham, Kent. This was the former facility of FITNESS FIRST on Copers Cope Road in Beckenham.

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All though I have online clients from all over the world that I help get fit and healthy here at Fitness, Health and Mind.com, I do have live face to face 1 to 1 clients that I train at the NEW FITNESS EXCHANGE. I specialize in functional training, as I feel this helps my clients more when dealing with everyday movement. I am a HUGE fan of Core stability and heart healthy cardiovascular capabilities.

I have clients with a wide range of ability and age. Some are pretty fit, but lack Core Dayana 18Strength. Others are over weight and have been living an unhealthy lifestyle. Some of my clients are even classified as clinically obese. My youngest client, Dayana, 18 and has already lost over 40 kg 88 lbs). My oldest client is Picture image of Shahab IshpaniShahab, he is 70 this year and a true inspiration to anyone looking to stay fit and healthy into their retirement years. The rest are some where in between.

It doesn't matter where you are in your fitness. The first step is to make active contact with a specialist, a Qualified Personal Trainer and meet to talk about the safe and effective ways forward in creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The key to understanding how a Personal Trainer operates is this. For myself, your training programme and the goals set forth is a TEAM EFFORT. You must be able to not only like the personality of your trainer, but they must have the Picture image  of the front and back of the workout cardsPicture image of the interior of the workout cardsunderstanding of what is needed in your training programme to get the desired result.

All of my Personal Training sessions are 90 minutes. That is the way it has always been done and feel that I get the most from my clients in the shortest amount of time by using this method. Later on in your training programme, you may just be in for an hour or so. The better you get, the harder I make it. The harder and more intense the training programme, the less time that is needed to get you into the fat burning zone and to keep you there for the following 48 hours using the afterburn (EPOC) principle.

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Please click on the Workout cards to see them larger

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Just to the left you will find a fully filled in workout card by Heather Petty. All of my clients start off using these cards and follow the programme to the tee. You first master the form and technique and then I make it harder and more challenging.

Eventually we will be off of these cards, but in the beginning, we all use them. On these cards we will get your Body Fat %, taken with calipers by me (Skin fold test). Secondly we will get your current weight. Thirdly we will get your blood pressure. Lastly we will take your VO2MAX. This is a quick test and will give me a rough idea of your cardiovascular capacity.

I must stress at this time that I am a Personal Trainer that DOES NOT GUESS. I always exercise caution and safety in all exercise programmes. That is just the way it is and NONE of my clients have ever complained about my safety record. Impeccable!

You will own these cards and it is your responsibility to keep them clean and tidy and with you at all workouts with me and on your own. Every time you do anything regarding activity, in or out of the gym environment, you must write it down in the boxes on the front of the card. Heather has been perfect with her cards, even though she doesn't work off of them anymore, because she has worked hard enough and for long enough to have this be the way of her lifestyle now. This is what it is all about.

TO BE SELF SUFFICIENT IN YOUR TRAINING REGARDING TECHNIQUE, FORM, INTENSITY AND CONSISTENCY. My clients don't stay with me forever, and as much as we not only become friends over the time of our training programme, I want them to be able to do it for themselves. There is always a start and an estimated finish. It is up to you how fast you get to where you want to go.

So lets meet a few clients who have taken on the challenge of becoming one of my active clients.

Picture image of Miss Bunny Before and AfterMeet Sharon (Miss Bunny, 38), struggling with her weight and fitness for years. She has been with me for a year and has lost 75 lbs to date. Bunny now believes that she can reach all of her goals and is doing just that. You can follow Miss Bunny on her own blog here on the site and has been truthful and brutally honest about what it takes, both mentally and physically to succeed in tackling the big issues that she faces on a daily basis.

Picture image of Debbie heron before and after Just click on Miss Bunny's image and start at the beginning of her blog and follow her progress to date. You'll be amazed. I am!

Also meet Deborah Heron (38) or Debbie as we all know her. Debbie is a massive success story here at fitnesshealthandmind.com. Take a look at the pictures to the right. This is what sheer determination, perseverance and dedication toward a better life looks like. Debbie gets worked harder than any other client that I have. Deb has worked tirelessly in getting her form and technique perfect. I rarely have to instruct Deb on the technical aspect of her training. I am there to motivate and make it hard enough for her to continue to progress in her weight loss and general fitness. A huge 101 lbs weight loss, but more importantly, she is keeping it off and getting better and better everyday.!

Deb also is very active 4 days a week in a very tough and competitive Badminton League that helps keep her active. We are PROUD to count Deb as one of the family here at the site and we will continue to watch her progress and growth in her fitness levels.

Picture image of Mr Tomas Blanco pushing his motorcycle in the West End of LONDON

West End Coolness! 86 Pounds LIGHTER

Meet Tomas Blanco (35). Another HUGE success story here at fitnesshealthandmind.com. Tomas has struggled with his weight for along time. Tomas is one of those guys that put in the work at the gym, but was sabotaging himself outside of it. I always observed him putting in some pretty grueling workouts, but the Mind and Nutrition end of the game was killing him. He came aboard with me determined to make long lasting changes in his life

Picture image of the before and after of Mr Tomas Blancoand the way he looked and felt.

Take a look at the picture to the left. WOW! Tomas has actually gotten good enough to were he actually started doing his workouts with me. And that is going some! He continues to be an INSPIRATION to not only himself in his achievements, but to everyone he comes into contact with. We are happy for Tomas in changing his life. With an open mind and sheer determination to succeed, he has done just that. Well done mate!


So that is everything that I can tell you for now. Once we meet and have an hour long consultation absolutely FREE, we will plan out your way forward and the appropriate time scale for reaching your goals that will be set. Below you will find a copy of the contract for Personal Training with me. All of the pack prices are in the ( ). The 16 week value pack is usually the best option because of my very low session price. But this is up to you.

So I look forward to hearing from you to arrange a mutually convenient time to place in our diaries to meet. There is NEVER any obligation to take on Personal Instruction, so please feel free to contact me for your FREE 1 hour consultation.

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07545 295545
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Please leave your details and I will call you back promptly.

All the best in fitness

Your Master PT

Craig Savino

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