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Tums and Bums

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Here in the Advanced Gold Membership Area we will provide some of our favorite toning exercises for bums, tums and thighs. We will start off the video series with general instruction on how to do each of the exercises in good form and technique, as you know we are big on that.

For each exercise start with 15 repetitions, then repeat the circuit as many times as you feel comfortable. As you get fitter and stronger, perform more reps each time, moving to 20, then 30. Keep in mind, that tums and bums is just not for the ladies.

Yes guys, the ladies like a nice toned and defined midsection and tight firm bum on you too. Some you may find more comfortable than others, but try and pick specific ones that you enjoy doing and then add 2 to 5 lbs ankle weights to the mix. Master the form and then add weight. Same for you ladies. Once you master the tums and bums exercises, you too can add resistance into the routine to make them harder and more challenging.

It is essential that you remember to keep a tight core throughout all of these exercises, as a vast majority of these moves involve the ab and core region in one way or another. Also remember to listen to your body. You must think about the muscles that are being used as you feel it through out the exercise itself. Connecting the mind to the technique, form and position is critical for not only this group of exercises, but for all the moves here on the site.

The key is to burn fat and tone the tummy area, the glute region and thighs. As with all exercise, pushing out the lactic acid threshold is one of the important keys in getting the most from these exercises in the shortest amount of time. So BREATHING correctly is crucial in keeping the lactic acid burn that you will feel away for as long as possible. The old term "NO PAIN, NO GAIN" or "FEEL THE BURN" is really quite true.

Every time you exercise, regardless of what it is, we are trying to work as hard as we can and do as much work as possible before the lactic acid burn fatigues us to the point where we cannot continue. Breathing out (EXHALING) on the resistance or harder bit of the exercises is VERY IMPORTANT. Get the breathing wrong on these tums and bums exercises will slash your work rate. Lactic acid leaves the body through the respiratory system, which means that to get it out of your system to allow oxygen back in, YOU MUST BREATHE CORRECTLY.

We want to do as many as we can in good form and technique. Breathe in (INHALE) on the easier bits of the exercise to keep the lactic acid from building up. The young ladies in the video's will be very pronounced with there breathing, so not only watch for the form and technique, but also when they breathe. It all works together and most people overlook its importance and significance in toning and work rate.




Here is a two for one exercise for the tums and bums area. To begin this exercise come down onto a mat on all fours. Now tighten up the ab area and keep it this way through the entire exercise. Now lift the right knee off of the mat and lean to the left a bit. Drop your chin down to your chest staying straight armed, pull your toe in and bring the knee and the chin together. This is the ab crunch part of the exercise.

Now lift your head, arch your back, still with straight arms (locked) and swing your HEEL only, (NO POINTED TOES HERE) up as high as it will go and contract the glute muscle. Keep your toe in and swing your knee back down underneath and drop your chin and do the ab crunch part of the exercise.

so the cadence goes like this...Ab crunch kick the heel to the ceiling as high as it will go and swing back down. tums, bums, tums, bums.

Tip: Remember to stay really tight in the abs to get the crunch and think about feeling the bum contraction at the top of the bum swing portion. Keep the TOE IN!


Here is a really cool exercise for the abs and the bum if done correctly. To begin this tums and bums exercise, sit on the floor on a mat. Place your hands behind you with straight arms with your fingers facing away from you. Now lean over to your left with all of your weight on your left hand, lift your hips as high as they will go and take the right arm and reach as far behind you as possible palms up.

Remember to open up your chin at the top as to get a big arch in your back. At this top position, stay flat footed and drive through the heels to engage the bum area. Now come down to the beginning position and lean over to the right and follow the same process.

Tip: Pay close attention to the instructional video as this one is tough to visualize and explain in words.


This is a great two for one tums and bums exercise once again. You will always notice that we will be adding in the two of these areas as much together as possible. To begin this exercise come int o the plank position on the hands in a straight and level position. Keep your head straight and try not to dip it in this plank position. This is engaging your core and abs area.

Now take one straight leg with the toe pulled in to engage the bum and slightly lift your head and kick the back of your heel toward the ceiling. You should have a pronounced arch in your back if you are in the correct position. Then bring the leg down and straighten out your head. Remember to think about the muscles being used in this exercise as this will help you get the most out of it.

Continue on the other side in the same manner and remember to squeeze just below the rib cage, and think of contracting the bum at the top of the heel kick.


Great exercise for the glutes and bum area. We will be adding in the cardio element to this exercise to really make it dynamic and getting the burn really going. First stand straight and tall with your feet together and hands at your sides. Now step out to the left more than shoulder width apart and sit back down on your heels and raise your arms up to shoulder height. Once down at the bottom, come back to the start position.

Now step out right and continue the same form and technique. Now start to pick up the pace and always be driving from the bottom position to the top standing with hands to the sides position. These should go quite quickly. Remember to breathe in on the way down and breath out or exhale on the way back up to the top.


Start the exercise on one knee with your hand directly below your shoulder. Now lift your leg up level with the floor and pull your toe in. Your other hand should be straight and above your head. Swing your leg to the front without dropping it and bend at the waist a bit then kick your foot around to the rear and give the glutes a good squeeze. Try not yo drop the leg. This is a tough one to get right and requires perseverance! Go for half the time allotted and switch sides.


Really great exercise to get a big squeeze on the bum area. You can use some resistance weight on this to make it harder or just start off with your body weight and get the form correct. Start on your back and pull your heels in toward your bum. To get the most out of this exercise, you must push up through the heels in order to activate the glute area. Grab a dumb bell or plate, weight is up to you.

Place this on the top of your thighs. Now breathe in when you start, push your hips to the ceiling, putting an arch in your back and through the heels. Hold at the top and squeeze your bum for 3 seconds while breathing out and lower to the floor. Repeat up to 15 to 20 reps 3 times. Try and push yourself with heavier and heavier weight. FEEL THE BURN!

To make this harder, don't use any weight on this one until you master form is lifting one leg up and pressing your hips up with just one leg.


Terrific exercise for all the leg muscles including the bum. The key here is to do them right. This is a dynamic exercise, which means that you will be putting the cardio element into it. Start of with out the jump and get your form right. Notice in the video instruction that Carlene sits way back, kicks out her bum and keeps her knees behind her toes and stays flat footed. No balls of the feet here on this one.

Come down into a classic squat position with your knees behind you toes and your hands out in front of you in the low squat position.. Now dynamically throw your hands down and jump off the floor whilst breathing out. On the way down to the squat position again, breathe in and brings your hands forward and knees behind your toes. Form is very important here to stay in a NON INJURY position. Start off slow and then get into your rhythm. Repeat for at least 20 jumps and do 3 sets. Great to mix these with static wall sits for max burn!


Begin the exercise by choosing the appropriate D/B weight 2 - 5 kg. Step out with your left foot and get into a split lunge position with the right foot being up on your toes. Hold onto the D/B with straight arms to your left and D/B in your palms. Come down to the low lunge position. Push up quickly with a jump and switch feet and twist with straight arms the D/B to the right side. Do a quick jump to the left foot forward and twist the arms to the left and continue in a rhythm for 2 sets at 12 to 15 reps each side.

Tip: Breathe in on the way down on the jump and breathe out while switching your feet. Keep the core tight and arms straight. Try not to touch your knee on the ground, but need to get down low enough where you just miss the floor with your knee.


Here is a good one for the outside of the upper glute and bum area. Start this exercise by getting down on your hands and knees. Keeping a tight core lift your right leg laterally up and lean onto left hand so that your bent knee is level with the floor. Now point your toe and kick straight out to your side until your leg is totally extended.. Bring your heel back in and then lower your knee to the beginning position.

Breathe in when your knee comes up level to the floor and breathe out when you kick. To make this more glute intensive. Once your knee is level with the floor, pull in your toe and kick out laterally with your HEEL. Stay up in that position and just continuously kick for as many as you can do.


Really good traditional squat position with the feet pointing outwards with a wide stance. Add in some weight to make it harder. Start this exercise with standing in a wider than shoulder position with your feet. Now point your toes outward and breathe in on the way down, keeping your knees behind your toes in a safe position, then push up through the heels breathing out to the beginning position.

Make this harder by standing on two low boxes, take a weight in your hand and lower yourself as low as possible and drive back up. Remember your breathing on these exercises as the lactic acid will build up quick.


Here is another really tough one for the glutes and the outside upper leg area. You will have to find a floor where your foot will slide in and out easily on the floor. You will need a towel for this one. Take the towel and fold it a few times. Now stand up straight with the towel underneath your right foot.

With your hands at your sides, push your right foot out, lean back into a squat position with your left foot and put your arms out in front of you for balance. Go as far down as you can whilst breathing in. From the bottom, breathe out and slide your foot back up to the top pushing with the left leg and stand at the top. Carlene does a good job with these and remember to try and keep your toe be=hind your knee on the way down to stay in a safe position.

You can also do this exercise without the towel by stepping out to the side and back. use a weighted bar if you have one and place it behind your neck. Remember your knee needs to be behind the toe on the static foot on the way down.






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