Hello and Welcome the The AFTERBURN ACADEMY.  The story behind The Umbrella_OrangeAFTERBURN ACADEMY came about by achieving desired results for client participants in quite a short amount of time. The AFTERBURN ACADEMY is an umbrella under which different programs fall under.   As the name of the program on the whole has the Academy name attached to it, it comes to reason that this is a place for learning.


There are 4 different  programs under the umbrella of the AFTERBURN ACADEMY.  One 2 One Personal Instruction, The AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Programme, The AFTERBURN ARMAGEDDON Large Group Fitness Events and Becoming a Certified BURNT! Trainer.  All of these programs interlock together to form The AFTERBURN ACADEMY's products and services.  Choose which one fits you best.




noun: academy; plural noun: academies

a place of study or training in a special field.

"a police academy"

synonyms:educational institution, school, college, university, institute, seminary, conservatory, conservatoire


One 2 One Personal Instruction 

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One 2 One Personal Training is an exciting part of The AFTERBURN ACADEMY Experience. Based at the BECKENHAM GYM at Copers Cope Road in Beckenham, Kent BR3 1NZ, this Gym environment offers all of the modern luxuries that you need to get your fitness moving in the right direction.  The Master PT and Master G offer tailored functional programs designed to get you motivated, get a sweat on and move you closer to your goals through safe planned inspiring sessions.  For more information on either Craig "The Master PT or Gus "Master G" please click the link or visit Personal Training on the home page of The AFTERBURN ACADEMY.




After painstaking research, trial and error methods over the years in finding what exercises work and which ones don't, it eventually evolved that the EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) effect became the focus of the training sessions.  Not only did the exercises at specific levels of intensity have to be included, but the correct order and flow of the programs was extremely important. To get this effect, it requires strenuous activity intended to erase the body's oxygen deficit.  This in turn helped the body to continue to burn energy for up to 36 hours after the participant finishes the exercise program.


As a Personal Trainer, I asked myself how I was going to get my client into the EPOC Zone (also known as the AFTERBURN) in their sessions with me to get the maximum result in the shortest amount of time?  I set forth and designed a program that was not only easy to follow and understand, but was comprehensive in its content so that NO stone was left un-turned.



When fine tuning the AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Program was to take the middle of the road fitness fans to a different level and really achieve the desired result they were after.  This super high intensity program takes dedication and perseverance on a continued basis to actually work...and it DOES!  The easy to follow along streaming video presentations allow you to participate along with a class environment to begin the process of perfecting "good form and technique".


After staying with the program week after week, the focus isn't on your form and technique anymore, as you would have mastered them by then.  That leaves you with how DIFFICULT you want the programs to be.  In other words, how many repetitions can you perform in the allotted time.


All you will need is a towel, water bottle and the "NEVER SAY QUIT ATTITUDE" to get the result.  Having said that, remember that eating a sensible nutrition program is vital for your success.  We will give you the ideas in the AFTERBURN NUTRITION area of the site.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, get toned or shred to a 6 pack, the AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Program will allow you the opportunity to get super fit, reach your goals and become an inspiration to others. It is NOW WITHIN YOUR REACH.


AFTERBURN ARMAGEDDON Large Group Fitness Events


Here comes the FUN!  Every three months, the AFTERBURN ARMAGEDDON Large Group Fitness Event kicks off.  These Events can hold up to 130 avid fitness fans and run for approximately 5 hours.  The Event location at the moment is at a local Prep College called CONISBOROUGH COLLEGE in Catford, Southeast London.  These Events are always held in conjunction with our chosen charity were we raise money during a sponsored event called the 15 MINUTE PLANK OFF CHALLENGE.  It's not easy, but certainly worth the effort as we raise in the 4 figure area each time we hold our Events.


The ARMAGEDDON Events are attended by all fitness levels and are Professionally Instructed (30 Minute programs) by Top Fitness and Dance Performers from the UK and who also Instruct on an international level.  Plenty of FUN and a bargain at the low ticket price that we offer.  For more information about the ARMAGEDDON Large Group Fitness Events, please click here, or visit the ARMAGEDDON area on the home page of the AFTERBURN ACADEMY.


Becoming a Certified Burnt! Trainer

Certified Burnt Trainer

Do you have what it takes to be a Certified BURNT! Trainer?  If you are at least a Level 2 Gym Instructor or a Qualified Level 3 or above Personal Trainer, here is your opportunity to earn yourself 16 REPS CPD points through The AFTERBURN ACADEMY.  We will be offering a two 8 hour Saturday Training Programme plus an Assessment in learning how to deliver The AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Programme.  This course is comprehensive and will allow any graduate of this course to have a ready made opportunity to instruct Personal 1-2-1 sessions, instruct in a class environment and put on your own AFTERBURN ARMAGEDDON Large Group Fitness Events 4x per year.  For more information on becoming a Certified BURNT! Trainer, please click here, or visit the category on the home page for more information and booking schedule.


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