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So you have committed to the Advanced Gold Membership area and you have stayed with the program of getting fit and healthy with us here and then one day you start feeling a bit down. Maybe because the progress is slow and maybe you have made so many changes so fast that you are feeling a bit fed up.

The problem really is a moving target. Depression or even mild depression is a fluid

subject, but is certainly worth me talking about it with you. It’s really hard to assess what the level of your depression really is. Men and women are not only biologically poles apart, but have been molded into certain ways of behaving and dealing with emotional issues.

The first and most important thing you can do is to assess any symptoms that may have popped up from your normal ways of behaving. Consistent stressful situations can easily lead to mild to deep depression if left unchecked, so it is important for you to be brutally honest with yourself about were you are mentally and even physically.

Some of the symptoms may include: losing interest in chasing a goal, mental and physical fatigue, changes in appetite, difficulties in concentration, feeling angry, feeling anxiety and sleep disturbances such as oversleeping all the time and being late, or not being able to get to sleep and experiencing some sort of insomnia.

These are just a few symptoms that are red flags that need to be addressed immediately. Some of my clients have seen a few of these symptoms pop up and I have a good enough relationship with them that we can sit down and talk about these opportunities of change. Notice that I said OPPORTUNITIES OF CHANGE. These are not problems or debilitating issues. These are opportunities to catch yourself and adjust what needs adjusting when you see them consistently. Maybe its physical fatigue. Maybe you need to take a week off from the gym and let your body rest up and recover for example.

Perseverance and Self Doubt

The reality is, at some point in your training you will have self doubt, lack of motivation and some sort of mental or physical fatigue. The key is to STOP WHERE YOU STAND and picture image of a stop sign for perseverancestep back. You’re honesty in assessing your situation is crucial to overcoming these self debilitating thoughts or physical overloads. At some point in any body transformation, these symptoms, mentally and physically will become apparent and what you do next is more important than any of the goals that you have set for yourself. Your reaction and prosesses of overcoming difficulty is critical in attaining any of the goals we have set forth at the beginning of the site.

Now there are a lot of differing opinions on this subject. Some say that self-diagnosis is unhelpful and that talking with a professional about it is the only way forward. I would disagree with that to a point. If you feel that talking with a professional is the only way forward, because the symptoms are just to far along for you to help yourself, than yes, maybe that needs to be the case. BUT...here at fitnesshealthandmind.com, we need to learn how to not only approach our fitness and nutrition, but to also manage our mental state throughout the process of creating a healthy lifestyle.

As a Professional Personal Trainer, it is...



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