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GusToplessHi and welcome to my 1:1 Personal Training Experience page. I’m Gus Ayinbode (aka Master G) and I want to congratulate you for clicking onto my site. I want to ensure you that with over 25 years experience and over a 1,000  happy clients with many testimonials to back it up, you have made a sound and safe decision. Now, there are many Personal Trainers out there, but we at the Academy like to offer you a better more comprehensive experience.

Firstly, I personally want to assess your attitude towards CHANGE. You see my friend, for me to help YOU get to that goal that you desire and deserve, then there has to be some kind of CHANGE from you.  This can be as little as getting more sleep, eating better, drinking more water, keeping a food/drink diary or simply getting motivated. If you agree, then I’m the person for you.

On the other hand it maybe that you require a bigger change,  like a better work/rest schedule to help balance your hormones, niggly muscle sprains or even need to visit a specialist before we begin. Whatever the issue is I will persevere with you to find the best, safest and speedy solution to your needs.

Our holistic approach towards total well-being is what helps stands us out from the rest. It is my duty as Professional Personal Trainer to guide you toward a higher level of understanding in the functions and dysfunctions of the human body through assessment of factors including lifestyle, posture and fluid movement.

As your coach, it’s my role to give you knowledge of both how the body moves and responds when it is out of balance and how it moves and responds when it is in balance. By doing this, I can offer exactly what lifestyle and nutritional changes, stretches, exercise programs and other therapies are required to bring your body back into a state of equilibrium.

My role is to set the drive, commitment and perseverance within YOU as you take on NEW challenges and CHANGES that are required for you to achieve overall health and fitness, with long-lasting results...FOR LIFE.


Are you READY?

For a no fuss complimentary discussion about your health & fitness needs call me or send me an email on the information below.  Whether it be losing weight, toning up your body or training for that specific event, the 1:1 Personal Training School will certainly help place you in that winning position to attain such goals.

Below is a list of services & benefits that we offer here at The Afterburn Academy.


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“Gus provides a deep level of knowledge coupled with a flexible, bespoke fitness plan, that both serves’ to maintain motivation and peak fitness

Paula Claxton…testimonial (Sept 2014)


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