We bid a farewell to our mentor and motivator Jack LaLanne. Although we are sad that he is not with us any more, and will miss his personal inspiration, his legacy of staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle will continue to inspire us all at all levels!
Smarter not harder, nutrition
A vast majority of the population around the world use the term “DIET” when speaking about losing weight. Here at fitnesshealthandmind.com, the word “DIET” is...
Essential Water
3 hours without shelter, 3 days with out water, 3 weeks without food. Water...good old H2O. If you are not hydrated in helping yourself and your...
Healthy Eating Tips
Eating healthy can sometimes become a chore in the beginning because you are always having to think about it. Remember....that after 30 days of...
More ideas for meals and snacks
Exactly as it says on the tin. Some really good ideas for breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks and meal times. Meant to be helpful and...
Gain Lean Muscle
Find out what the key elements are to lose the fat and gain lean muscle tissue. Muscle....the best overall fat loss property the body has. Follow the simple rules of this page and take note of the tips. They’re gonna help.
Learn about Carbohydrates and why there are good healthy carbs and un-helpful carbs or empty carbs. Understand how carbohydrates turn into sugar in your system and why even having good carbs a...
The Hit Top 50 Shopping List
Pick and choose the things that you are most likely to eat on a weekly basis. None of this buying stuff and finding it in the cupboard 6 months later. Find out the Top 10 Veg, Top 10 Natural carbs, Top 10...
Breakfast and the rest
If you have slept for 8 hours, your body has gone for that amount of time without nourishment. You just can’t afford to skip this meal. Skipping it on puts the body in a stressed state that can lead to muscle tissue loss and...
Fast Food, Why is it Popular
Fast food is inexpensive because it is usually made with cheaper ingredients such as high fat meat and foods that contain lots of unhealthy fats (saturated and trans fats) and cholesterol, instead of nutritious...
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