Bicep Curl Isolation Video
Learn the proper technique and form on this most basic of exercise. Fall short of supine palms to the ceiling at the top position and you are considered CHEATING! Get good and natural on this one..
Standing Tricep Extension Video
CHEATING not Allowed here. Learn one of the biggest mistakes that MOST people make when doing this simple yet effective tricep exercise. Too heavy on the weight will cause you to cheat. OK for the body builders out...
Dumb Bell Low Row Video
A fab exercise for the lats or that V athletic shape under the arm. Learn the pit falls to bad form here. Get it wrong and there is no point in doing this exercise. Get it right, and you will feel the difference.
Front and Lateral Delts Raise Video
Learn the three different muscle groups in the shoulder area and use these exercises to target each one. Get good on this one and remember to always keep in a soft knee position. I'll explain in this post.
Press Up Video
Undeniably one of the most well known and most effective exercises that you can learn to do correctly. Start on the knees if you need to and learn that a push up or press up is a mind over matter exercise, and...
Overhead Press Video
Great for the shoulders and can be done in a variety of positions. You'll learn how to do these correctly and the different variations in this post. Begin the overhead press exercise by selecting the...
Posterior Delt Fly Video
One of the more neglected areas of the shoulder muscles. Learn in this post how to target these muscles with a useful movement and gain the symetry in the shoulders and not just wind up with good anterior and medial delts but have strong symetrical shoulders.
Dumb Bell Shrug Video
Traps are not just for the guys. These muscles at the back of the neck are important for other movements requiring any pulling motion. Learn some variations on the dumb bell shrug and get in good form and technique.
Calf Raises 3 Different Position Video
This exercise can be done anywhere and can be done with just using your body weight. Stretching the calves afterwards is important and in this post you'll find out why.
Squat Dumb Bell Sides and Shoulder Video
Any kind of squating motion is great for the legs, but you need to remember to drive through the heels and keep the chin up. Learn good technique and form here.
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