Branded SMS,Business SMS,Corporate SMS,Personalize SMS,Brand Name SMS

Branded SMS, Brand Name SMS, Business SMS,Corporate SMS,Personalize SMS,Company name SMS

Marketing has emerged as an important marketing factor and it is replacing email marketing with every day passage.
Host & Soft comes with Branded SMS Pakistan and offers Branded & Non-Branded SMS services in bulk to its prospective clients.
The service focuses for better customer relationships, if you want to spread your voice before crowd in a professional way that can bring more business and can convey what you actually want to deliver.

Host & Soft offers API integration facility to its users which allows them to integrate Business SMS with any other Server or Database in order to send SMS automatically.

Host & Soft helps you in this regard with professional attitude. We are experienced branded SMS Marketing firm who is already providing SMS Services to brands and also catering Non-Branded bulk SMS campaigns for providing companies number of reputable clients.

Branded SMS Features

The Web Interface is available with following features:

  • SMS sender ID to be chosen by the user
  • Local & international SMS Routes
  • Detailed Messages History
  • Balance monitoring
  • Single / Group SMS / File to SMS
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Personalized SMS
  • Easy to use web-interface
  • Contact list management

Brand Name SMS Benefits

  • No line connection required for Bulk and Voice SMS service, thus reducing communication costs.
  • Offers full privacy and security of your SMS content and its delivery.
  • Easy and economical way of sending SMS Branded and Voice Messages.

Host & Soft provides Corporate SMS services in Pakistan to remain in touch with target audience, here are a few examples of corporate SMS services.

  • Businesses that are going to announce new promotions and offers in Pakistan to their clients and customers.
  • Banking Sector can send alerts and special offers to their clients.
  • Large Companies can benefit from this service to communicate with employees.
  • Health Centres can communicate with their patients.
  • Educational Institutes can inform students and guardians.
  • Retailers can get closing report of shop(s) by the end of day.
  • Employer can get alerts about attendance of employees.

WHY Host & Soft?

There are a ton of reasons why you should choose us, but here are a handful, After taking a keen look you’ll surely choose us proudly. we provide best option for Corporate Businesses as we excel in providing favorable result to our clients. Client satisfaction is our priority and client feedback is our asset. We strive hard to provide our clients maximum. We deal our clients with due attention and care. Once you are in business with us, we will leave no stone upturned to accomplish the assigned task. We are developer of world fastest Email Verification application & provider of Web hosting Pakistan

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