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To find your BMI, please use the BMI calculator in the right sidebar of this page. Height in feet and inches multiplied by your current weight in pounds.

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The most accurate way of testing body fat percentage is the water displacement method. Expensive for most. The next best way to actually measure your body fat % is by using calipers. I use this almost on a daily basis. This gives me a pretty good and accurate reading on were someone is in relation to meeting their goals.

Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury here, so the quickest and easiest way for us to check were you are in relation to being under-weight, normal, over-weight or obese is to use the BMI calculator.

I have provided a BMI calculator on this page for you to check and see were you are on the scale. It's pretty simple actually. It basically is taking your weight in relation to your height. The BMI score that you receive is a good indication whether you are under, over, normal or considered in the obese category.


There isn't a specific table that we can use, but below is a pretty rough guide on were you stand.

0-19 Under-weight
19-25 Normal-weight
25-30 Over-weight
30+ Considered obese in relation to your height vs your weight

Some of the major problems that can occur from being over-weight or clinically obese, with an out of control BMI are;

Heart disease
Type-II Diabetes
Premature death (mainly associated with clinically obese people)
High Blood Pressure
Shortness of breath

Do you have a high BMI?

So not a pretty picture if you are considered to be over-weight or obese. Not only does this group have many ill effects from being in this category, but other problems on the other end of the scale can also rise up and be devastating to peoples lives.

Being under-weight or grossly under-weight poses its own problems. Some of those include;

Problems in fighting off infection
Decreased muscle strength
Trouble in regulating body temperature
Eating disorders, such as axorexia and bulemia
Pre-mature death (associated with grossly under weight people)

Body image of low bmi

Here is an example of very low body fat index

This is an art form and getting it just right takes time and experience. If you measure over 30 on the BMI calculator, don't bother for now to get this done, but once the weight starts coming off, and you get down below 30, that is the time to investigate getting this done.

If you are over 30 on the BMI score card, I want you to read everything on this site very carefully, and begin the process of creating the game plan to get fit and healthy. You need to be really thinking and making sacrifices to manifest your weight loss program!

Just because you're in this range, doesn't mean you are destined to have the problems that are associated with it. The chances are more likely that you will pick-up one or more of these problems if you continue on that path. Same for the grossly under-weight! We have to work hard, and very smart and change a lot of the bench marks that you have been living with over the years!

You can do it with my help and a belief system that will enable you to have fortitude, drive and perseverance to keep on keeping on. We are glad you're here and we look forward to helping you get WELL into the NORMAL AND HEALTHY range.

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So remember that you need to get your BMI under control!


Learn it, Love it, Live it!


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