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Thank you for choosing Afterburn Academy Training as your training provider. We sincerely hope that you find your course interesting and enjoyable. Please carefully read the guidelines below to ensure that you are properly prepared and that you understand what is required of you to achieve the necessary standard to become a Certified Burnt Trainer.

This two day Afterburn Annihilation Course is a highly practical based program aimed for those trainers who have a level 2 Gym and ETM Qualification as a prerequisite. This course is also useful for those students with or ambition to become a personal trainer qualification as it as many useful take home programs you can use straight away on your one to one clients.

Afterburn Annihilation program aim is to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a highly charged exercise program to individuals or groups safely and effectively. Once qualified you will be licensed to deliver our programs to all customers who are prepared to achieve amazing weight and body composition results within weeks.

We at Afterburn Academy Training are looking for trainers who are passionate, energetic and excited in changing people’s life around using our specialist program. We need caring but firm trainers that not only look and feel great themselves but are willing to help others achieve their health and fitness goals with that I can attitude.

At The Afterburn Academy, your well-being is our priority, so if you are injured or unwell prior to the course starting, then please contact any of the course tutors immediately to see if you can be re-scheduled to another course date

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CraigGusThe story of the AFTERBURN ACADEMY and the AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Program came about by achieving results quickly for participants. After painstaking research, trial and error methods over the years in finding what works and what doesn’t, it eventually evolved that the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) effect became the focus of the training sessions. To get this effect it required strenuous activity intended to erase the body's "oxygen deficit." This in turn helps your body to continue to burn energy up to 36 hours after exercising.

How could I get a client to get into the EPOC zone (also known as the AFTERBURN) in their sessions with me so that we get the maximum result possible in the shortest amount of time. I set forth designing a program that was not only easy to follow and understand, but was comprehensive in its content so that NO stone was left unturned. The AFTERBURN ACADEMY was born.

After fine tuning the program itself, AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Program was developed to take relatively middle of the road fitness fans to a different level and really achieve the desired results that they were after.

This super high intensity program takes dedication and perseverance on a continued basis to actually work, and it does. The easy to follow along streaming presentations allow you to participate along within a class environment to begin the process of perfecting good form and technique.

After staying with the program week after week, the focus isn’t on your form and technique anymore, as you would have mastered them. That leaves you with how difficult you want the programs to be. In other words, how many repetitions can you perform in the allocated time.

All that the participant needs to bring with them is a towel, water and the “NEVER SAY QUIT” Afterburn Attitude to get the result, regardless of what that is. Lose weight, tone up, shred to a six pack. With the AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Program, becoming Super Fit is now within most peoples’ reach.


Aimsof the

As a Student Learner here in the AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Programme, you should expect this course to be a stimulating and extremely interactive experience. By the conclusion of this course you will be equipped with the knowledge in both theory and practical terms of how to advise, present, deliver and keep your participants motivated to reach their goals.

You will learn the necessary skills needed to become not only an inspirational instructor, but a highly motivated and skilled presenter of the AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Programme.

You will learn the essentials needed for each of the programs and how to instruct them in a safe, controlled and motivational way. You will also be able to advise your participants on the correct nutritional mindset needed to reach their goals, what ever that may be.

You will learn how to set up the class environment, play the correct music at the right tempo and be able to safely cool down your participants and effectively stretch at the end of each program as to keep them injury free and in the program.


You will learn the correct mindset needed to keep participants motivated and focused in their training with you so they have an opportunity to reach the goals they strive for.

You will learn how to warm up your participants correctly and the methods that Certified Burnt Trainers use to do this.

You will be able to safely and technically perform and instruct the basic exercises in each of the ANNIHILATION Programs.

You will be able to identify and explain each of the main muscle groups that are being recruited to perform each of the exercises properly.

You will be able to safely and effectively offer and instruct regression exercises for those participants needing an easier version of the exercise.

Be able to effectively cool down your participants and safely perform the correct exercises for each of the programs in the ANNIHILATION Programme.

To effectively explain the importance of the assessment and why it is vital to achieving the results from the program.

Understand the Afterburn Attitude toward losing weight slowly and consistently and enhancing current physique.

Be able to offer ideas and timings of proper nutritious food at the right times of the day.

To be able to use the Harris Benedict Formula to calculate the calorific needs of clients.

Understand water and the importance and benefits of it.

Understand correct portion sizes and be able to offer helpful lower calorie options and substitutes for client diets.

Understand the Glycemic Index and be able to offer low GI options to clients.

Why a clients weight at a certain point in their goal is irrelevant.


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We will help Inspire and ready you to help your community get healthy and fit for life.

To become a walking testimonial and ambassador of what can be achieved once you have that Afterburn
“NEVER SAY QUIT” Attitude.

You will learn and understand how to deliver, teach and motivate 8 ready to use intense programs that have been tried and tested to get results in any group setting. You’ll do this through Group Interaction and a hands on approach.

If one to one Instruction is your service then this program will give you up to 12 months of proven body fat loss result ideas that you can adapt to your 1-2-1 clients.

DVD and streaming video’s of the assessment and the 8 programs are available for you to view to ensure you can execute the movements in correct form and technique... ALWAYS.

You will have a full understanding of the safety screening requirements in delivering this intense program in a safe and controlled manner.

You will be supplied a guide on choosing the appropriate music with the ideal BEATS PER MINUTE (BPM) for each program.

You will understand why the AFTERBURN Arise cool down and stretch is important at the end of all programs and how to do it.

You will be assessed on all aspects of this 2 day workshop to ensure to our satisfaction that you have learned and are equipped to deliver the AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Programs.

Once you qualify, then a T-Shirt, Banner and 5 wristbands will be yours to wear and promote your business and the brand.

We will supply to you PDF Print ready Marketing materials for you to advertise the Afterburn Programs in your setting.

Extensive support from the website offering hundreds of pages on fitness related topics, nutrition and powerful mind -set techniques.

An extensive video collection of HIIT Training exercises and MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training) to stream for more ideas on 1-2-1 Training.

about the owners

Craig profile

Craig Savino “The Master PT”

Just a little bit about myself, Craig Savino, the author and founder of and The AFTERBURN ACADEMY. I am currently 55 years old. You can take a look at photoʼs of me and decide for yourself whether I look 55 years old. Being born in 1960, I was a fairly average young boy with average talents.

I was raised in a small suburban town near the New Jersey shore in the United States. I attended West Virginia University, graduating in 1982 with a Bachelor Degree in Journalism, Marketing and Graphic Design. I have four beautiful children, two of which are all grown up and living in Florida (Amanda 27 and Andrew 24 and two grand children 3 and 5 years old) and two young girls (Brittany 18 and Brooke 14) here in the London area.

Having been physically fit since I was 25, I’ve always taken great pride in how I live, look and feel. I have been working as a Professional Personal Trainer here in the London area for 6 years now and am qualified to Level 3 through REPS. I have a Certification in Nutrition and I am an active Boxercise Instructor. I am blessed to have had hundreds of clients who have invested their time, there money and their blood sweat and tears to gain the lifestyles that they all strive to achieve. It isnʼt easy! Any of them can tell you. As I say to all of the members on my site and my personal one to one clients,

“Iʼm not saying itʼs gonna be easy, Iʼm telling you itʼs gonna be worth it!”

Gus Profile

Gus Ayinbode “Master G”

Hi, I am Gus Ayinbode, born in the sixties in Lagos, Nigeria and a father of a grown up son and also married with three beautiful young girls. I used to work out my daily frustrations in the gym, and as I became stronger and fitter, I found that people treated me with more respect. I also found I was good at motivating and teaching people and made it my mission to help others achieve the fitness levels they deserve. After completing all the necessary qualifications, I started having fun in the fitness industry from 1989.

I set up in 1996, to offer a holistic approach to health and fitness which was aimed at the personal client. Naturally it expanded and I now also teach boxing in schools, offer a 60+ stretch and strengthen class weekly plus liaise with the local council and the NHS Trust delivering Shape Up healthy lifestyle workshops in Lewisham, London since 1997.

I always aim to go that extra mile to help you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively, but admittedly my own well being is just as important, so I make sure each year I set myself a goal that I will enjoy, but also be a challenge. Presently I am into obstacle racing. Tough Mudder, Judgement Day and The Nuts Challenge are a few fun and energy sapping races that I train towards.

“ If it doesn’t challenge you, it DOESN’T change you! “

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