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Long gone are the old rules for getting ripped and lean. Achieve that elusive 6 pack ab status by following these new world rules from the FH&M play book. The next time you see a person, male or female with a ripped tone body, and then think, well they naturally have that type of body makeup and its comes easy for those kind of people...THINK AGAIN!

If you hung out with these people over the last year or two, you would find that they have been super disciplined in everything they do, both in the gym and out and put in all the hard grunt work to attain this level of physique and healthy living.


Below is the crib sheet of the 5 Pearls of Wisdom in the New League of getting totally ripped and lean.

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So in order to get totally ripped, we are going to have to get down to the nitty gritty of how we can make this happen. The old adage, "5 a day of fresh fruit and veg" is certainly correct and the way to go in getting into a healthy lifestyle nutritionally. Now that we've binned all the bad things in your nutrition program, including McDonald's, how the heck are we going to really get down to it and achieve that ripped body that you are after.Picture image of a veggie plate

Fruits are good carbs compared to biscuits and other carbs on the list because they are not only nutritional, but also contain essential antioxidants that keep the body in tip top shape and running at it optimal pace. So here is where we are going to go, killing two birds with one stone. Start by swapping out two of the fruits during the day and replacing them with veg. Veggies not only contain nutritional benefits like fruits but are also full of antioxidants like their sisters (fruits).

The simple fact is: Calories in Calories out. Let's take an example. An apple contains 125 calories and 25 grams of carbs (natural sugar). A large red pepper contains 40 calories and 5 grams of carbs (natural sugar). So if we start substituting more nutrient rich lower calorie veg in the place of fruit, what do you get? You can do the math. less calories more activity = a leaner toner physique.

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Carve the Cardio and Pump the Weight!

OK. So don't get me wrong. Cardio is a good thing and if it keeps you active and off the couch, cool. If you are really trying to get ripped and super toned, you will really have to pay attention here. Cardio will in a very limited way help you build strong lean dense muscle tissue. This is a fact. The fact is that although you will burn calories while you are exercising, the fat burning will only last for up to 3 hours after your workout. This is called the EPOC effect or the Afterburn.Picture image of a man saying a quote

On the other hand, lifting and exercising with resistance weight or even your own body weight for that matter, will build lean muscle tissue faster and has a beautiful benefit that out surpasses its cardio cousin. Lean muscle tissue is simply the best fat burner that the body can have. You don't have to be huge and super dense for you to benefit from it. All you need to do is to start ditching too much of the cardio and start lifting the weight.

The afterburn or EPOC effect (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) (fat-burning) will last for up to 36 to 48 hours depending on the intensity that you work at. So in order to get totally ripped and lean, you will have to start incorporating more weight lifting days, more circuit and interval weight training programs ( MRT, Metabolic Resistance Training) into your exercise regime.

Pick one day for the cardio and go for 20 to 30 minutes on an interval or even HIIT cardio program and that's it. Remember, we really don't care too much about how much we weigh, BUT care more about HOW WE LOOK, FEEL, HOW OUR CLOTHES FIT etc. Wanting that six pack or trim tummy look takes dedication and perseverance. We now welcome you to the EXTREME AFTERBURN in the AFTERBURNACADEMY.

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Sounds weird, but eat more FAT!

Listen. I know this sounds crazy, BUT yes, Eat more fat. Keep this in mind before you commit me to the looney bin. Eating fat, DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT. Eating too much of the wrong things + inactivity makes you FAT! Consuming more healthy fats in your diet will actually help curb your cravings after you’ve reduced your total carb intake. To be straight forward, fats help curb hunger because the body takes longer to digest it and to store it.Picture image of a bunch of walnuts

Fats are needed in your nutritional program to create and balance out hormones in our body to function normally and at its correct pace and rhythm. Healthy fats like avocado, pecans, olives, walnuts and almonds. The Picture image of an avocadoantioxidants in walnuts are also as much as 15 times more powerful than straight vitamin E on its own. So eating the right amount of healthy fats and knocking the bad ones on the head will help you get lean and...



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Follow these rules for getting ripped.

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