Welcome to the 30 Day Abs Challenge. This program is designed to get you moving every day for at least 13 minutes for 30 days straight. The Main objective of the Challenge is to get you working on your abs and core.

If you concentrate on these areas for 30 days, get faster and faster as you go, you will find that you don't think about how to do the exercises anymore. You are thinking how many you can get in good form and technique in the 40 seconds allotted.

How the program works

You can start where ever you want in the month, as long as you end up with 30 days consecutively. Each one of the BOXES has a different element and slant to the training.

The YELLOW BOX is ABS, obviously working on the straight forward 6 pack area.  These are  easy to master exercises that do a good job in this area.

The PINK BOX is OBLIQUES. These exercises work the oblique areas of the core and the internal obliques are responsible for pulling in the 6 pack look, or tightness in the abs area.  You will be moving from side to side or in an X (left to right and right to left) motion.

The LIME BOX is incorporating CARDIO ABS. Your technique is crucial to getting the ABS engaged and firing. Watch the video's and Renata will show you the way. Always try and keep your chin down.

So you will start with the YELLOW BOX on the first day, which is the 13 Minute ABS WORKOUT. All of the exercises are demonstrated by Renata, who has perfect form and technique on how to execute each of the moves. Start slowly and then gather a bit of pace.

Remember that you have 40 seconds work and a short 15 second rest period before starting the next move. After completing the first 6 exercises, take a 1 minute rest then continue on the 2nd circuit of 6 exercises again. Finishing at 13 minutes.  You are done for the day. Yeah!

AB FREE Workout from Craig Savino on Vimeo.

Here is the second workout circuit in the PINK BOX, The 13 Minute OBLIQUE WORKOUT. Be aware that the rest in this circuit is 15 seconds. So you will go for 40 seconds work, as many as you can get in the 40 seconds with good form and technique. Rest for 15 seconds. Watch Renata again, as she has the technique you need to follow.  You are done with the second day...YES!

OBLIQUE FREE Vid from Craig Savino on Vimeo.

The LIME BOX, third circuit in the 30 Day Abs Challenge, is the 13 Minute CARDIO ABS WORKOUT. It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that you will need to effectively engage your ABS with staying tight through your CORE area and to always be dropping your chin and shoulders into your chest and engaging in an AB Crunch. Without doing this, it takes the ABS out of the exercises. Get the most from it and REMEMBER...keep your shoulders forward and chin down.

You have now performed all 3 exercise programs.  Go back to the YELLOW BOX and start the 4th day, and so on.

Cardio Abs Vid from Craig Savino on Vimeo.




As an added bonus for completing the 30 Day Abs Challenge, we will offer to every Afterburner participating in this Challenge a FREE copy of the AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Core Sold System Program. 

To get this program and all of its contents for FREE, you will need to post up on Instagram a 30 - 60 second video of yourself in action on one of the programs each day.  This is short, sweet and you'll just need to say which COLORED BOX you are on.

Post it onto Instagram and Share it.

Tag it to @afterburnacademy

or @afterburn_nation

EVERYDAY for 30 Days.

The AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Core Solid System Program (much like Insanity, but marginally harder)  is comprehensive, including a Safety Video, the Core and Cardio Fitness Assessment video demonstration, all 8 of the follow along program videos including; Afterburn ABSOLUTE, ABILITY, ADVANCE, ARISE, ACCELERATION, ACTIVE, ABUNDANCE, ASSESSMENT and more. Also included is the Complete Core Solid System Nutrition Guide.  It's worth getting this Guide on its own for completing the Challenge and for posting it up on Instagram.

To find out more on the entire AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Core Solid System Program and what you will receive, just for completing the 30 day Rubik's Cube Bum Challenge, just CLICK on the Large ANNIHILATION LOGO below to be taken to the sales page for the program and see for yourself what exactly you will be getting for FREE. This will open in a new tab.

Disclaimer:  If you are unsure on your physical readiness to start a program like this, please consult your physician for the all clear before embarking onto this Challenge.  We take health and safety very seriously here at the Afterburn Academy, so always make sure you are ready to start on a program like this. Remember that good form, technique and proper breathing patterns are necessary to finish this program successfully. Think, and enjoy!



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