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CraigHello and thank you for coming to this page to find out more about the 1:1 Personal Training Experience with me The Master PT. You have made the first BIG step in reaching your goals by coming to this page. As a Professional Personal Trainer in the Fitness Industry, I have had the pleasure of working with over 700 fitness fans in helping them gain the lifestyles, fitness levels and positive mental changes needed to create happy and healthy lives.

As you can imagine, attaining this high quality level of lifestyle does not come easy.  It takes a tremendous amount of conviction and self belief to attain these levels.  This is what my job as a Professional Personal Trainer is.

I  am your guide toward producing within you, the dedication, commitment and perseverance levels that will be required to attain such a lifestyle. Whether it be losing weight, toning up your body or training for specific events, the 1:1 personal training atmosphere will certainly help place you in that winning position to attain such goals.

So were do you start and what can you expect in your training here in the AFTERBURN ACADEMY 1:1 Personal Training Experience?

You have already done the most important part in coming to this page.  The second step would be to make contact with me.  You can do this by emailing me, texting me or calling me on my mobile number.  All of this information will be at the bottom of this page.  Once we have made contact, we'll set up a mutual time for us to meet face to face to sit down and have a chat about what you will be trying to achieve.  Should we continue to the next step, we will arrange your first complimentary private session with me, The Master PT.

In this 90 minute session together, we will discuss the basics of training smarter in order to attain the desired result in the least amount of time.  At this stage we will also get your vital assessments, and take a snapshot of your fitness level at that point.

These assessments will include:

Body Weight

Body Fat Percentage %: Taken with hand calipers by me (then compare your result with other same gender, similar age adults) and explain what the safe range of Body Fat % should be.

V02Max Cardiovascular capacity: I will have you step up and down on a box that is 16 inches high, getting 22- 24 steps per minute for 3 minutes.  I will then take your pulse rate over 15 seconds and than place this info into the V02Max mathematical equation. I will then let you know what the result is and what that means in comparison to other same gender similar age adults.

We will then go over some of the basic exercises that are foundation movements here for ALL AFTERBURNERS in the 1:1 Personal Training Experience program. Once I get an idea of your level, I will then take away this information and devise a laminated workout card for you, place a motivational picture of your choice on it, and place all of your vital assessments on it.


These exercises will encompass, compound functional exercises, designed specifically to get as many muscles working as possible.  There will be a mixture of Abdominal and Core Exercises, Cardio movements and Resistance Weight compound exercises.  We'll then arrange for your first live session, (90 minutes) and work directly off your card until you master it.  It is my job as your Personal Trainer to always help encourage and motivate you and to also keep you in good form and technique in the exercises in order to keep you injury free.

Once you have enrolled here in the AFTERBURN ACADEMY you will become an official AFTERBURNER in the AFTERBURN NATION.  All student learners in the ACADEMY, regardless of your age or experience are known as AFTERBURNERS.  The AFTERBURN NATION is the Philosophy and Culture behind the Academy itself.


So now you have a better grasp of what the AFTERBURN ACADEMY is all about.  Whether you enroll in the 1:1 Personal Training Experience Programme, join in the AFTERBURN ANNIHILATION Extreme Fitness Classes on Saturday @11:15am or Monday @10:30 on the GYM floor at the Beckenham Gym or just come to the Quarterly AFTERBURN ARMAGEDDON Big Fitness Events, you will be an OFFICIAL AFTERBURNER.

We look forward to offering you our services in your Good Health and Fitness.  Here are some of the Services and Benefits that you can expect from ALL staff here at the ACADEMY.



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07545 295545

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